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Bella Mariposa

There are few things more beautiful than a young woman completely involved in what she’s doing. Confident, joyful and and elegant. You see it in dance movies all the time, like Nora Clark, the female lead in Step Up. In … Continue reading

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Tick Diaries… A Midnight Spin.

It is night, and the human form of the AntibioTick- Chandrakant Redican (Chandu), is purifying the DNA of his PCR products. DNA is the bit in the cells of the body that carries information on what the cell is going … Continue reading

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Tick Diaries- Winding down at the tea stall.

It is the evening. They are at the tea stall at the foot of the temple, by the road where horns honk constant. I, the AntibioTick am having a cup of tea. The Red Vented Bulbul, the Sparrow and the … Continue reading

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On virgins and water purifiers.

The Millipore is an important instrument in any biology laboratory. It does one thing- takes tap water, stuffs it through half a dozen expensive filters, zaps it with electricity and other shit I don’t know about to spit out super-duper … Continue reading

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