Tick Diaries- Winding down at the tea stall.


It is the evening. They are at the tea stall at the foot of the temple, by the road where horns honk constant.

I, the AntibioTick am having a cup of tea. The Red Vented Bulbul, the Sparrow and the Pheasant are drinking coffee. They are talking about experiments they did in their human form, their trials and tribulations during the day.

They are relaxing together after nearly two weeks. Friends had come back for the holidays. The snowy owl had gotten married. It was a big wedding. There was plenty of emotion, the drama of a group of people coming together briefly after a long time, people cramming in months of life into days.

After a few days of working they have finally found the time. They are perched on the tree in front of the stall where the cardamom wafting out of the roadside jointl hits the warm air of the sidewalk.

The Pheasant is tired. He is thinking of the future but he is happy. He cannot be depressed for a long time, ever.  The Sparrow is chirping along in full enthusiasm. This morning I saw her dancing to the latest Himesh Reshammiya “Hookah Bar” song. She frowns when I tell her, but she can’t stop smiling. The Bulbul after a week of discipline has finally let her hair down. She habitually gets up to fly off, but now is not the time. The winter evening is too nice to do anything but chill out,  and when she relaxes, she spreads a warmth around her.

The AntibioTick is happy because his experimental gels showed bands where they should and nothing where they shouldn’t. As he smiles, his eyes crinkle and disappear.

The Bulbul and the AntibioTick begin arguing with the Pheasant and the Sparrow some topic or the other. It is the kind of argument that no one agrees upon about anything in the end. One would wonder of what use such arguments are.

You bare your soul without fearing judgement. You defend your own opinions and in turn think about others’. Arguments like this make you open your heart to each other. You get to know each other more- and that‘s how love grows.

Below the tree where The AntibioTick and his friends are perched, a group of four friends are sipping tea. A young man with a mustache smiles in worry of the future and contentment about the present, happy that he’s among friends.  A fair girl’s bangles clink merrily as she moves. She smiles taking delight in the noise. Beside her, her pretty understated friend’s heart glows like embers fanned by a gentle breeze
A bearded youth, a bit chubby, looks upon them and smiles. Behind his brown eyes that crinkle, his soul is at peace. He is happy today.

Life is so different when experiments work out. 🙂


About Chandrakant Redican

A researcher and teacher based in Pune, India,
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