The truth is just too much fun

I was talking with friends today,exchanging gossip as usual. Sometimes though gossip can ruin the fairy tale images in ones mind. so she said-

“Ignorance is bliss”

I disagreed but I had no answer to that and no coherent argument because sometimes not knowing does save you a load of emotional baggage, often.

In the evening though I was watching fairy tail movie reruns on TV and I realized something.
Though I remember enjoying cartoons myself immensely I do not watch them anymore, I turn to either fantasy that is more real on an emotional level or to real world interactions.

Even if LOTR or Game of Thrones is fantasy the emotional issues they deal with of good and evil, politics and other things are very real world like compared to say- Aladdin.

And therefore that which is closer to reality is more entertaining,in my taste and perhaps in that of a few other people I know.

So in the end I have an answer for my friend.

Ignorance is bliss of course- but the truth is far too much fun.


About Chandrakant Redican

A researcher and teacher based in Pune, India,
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5 Responses to The truth is just too much fun

  1. That’s one interesting post! There still remains a paradox when we choose “mature” fantasies over cartoons, we are at once closer to reality but still in the surreal! So ultimately we want to be close to reality, but the fun is still in the ignorance! What say??

    • Excellently put! The fun is in the ignorance, yes and for some it serves as a psychological retreat as well where they can remain sheltered mentally, I have done that too many times in my childhood!

  2. InnerDialect says:

    Lobed reading here, am re blogging 🙂

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