Bangladeshi Love Song

Her fingers slide over guitar strings

Their fair and slender joints indistinct

Neither curved, nor angular

Evading each sort of description


As she plays the tune

Of a Bangladeshi love song


She does not remember the lyrics

But she does remember the guy

Who taught her the song

He used to sing in Bengali


As she learned how to play

This Bangladeshi love song


She plays beautiful, the mere tune

Conjures and stirs up intense passion

Making me so aware,

That from now on

I will have so much to lose…


So much to lose

As she keeps playing on her guitar

This haunting, Bangladeshi love song


I wonder at the heartache

That crossed the world

From listener to learner

Until it came into my life

With this beautiful Lithuanian


Who smiles as she plays the guitar

While teaching me, this Bangladeshi love song


About Chandrakant Redican

A researcher and teacher based in Pune, India,
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