Tick News- PhD Students and Lecturers teach rural kids research

Jejuri, District Pun- February 2, 2014

In a joint initiative launched by Vishwa Nirmala Vidya Mandir Jejuri, City of the Birds Conservation and Research and ROMA Electronics Jejuri. A two day workshop was held where school children from schools in and around Jejuri were taught the basics of observing the environment and ecosystem, basic field biology and were introduced to the concept of conservation and protecting the environment. The workshop was held on the first and second of february

Siddarth, Shruti and Sayli Imparting Knowledge to tiny tots!!!

Siddarth, Shruti and Sayli Imparting Knowledge to tiny tots!!!

The workshop was conducted by a team of PhD students and associate professors from and the students were from Garware College Pune, Modern College Pune, IISER Pune, Agharkar Research Institute, University of Pune, and YC college Satara

The students hailed from five schools, Vishwa Nirmala Vidya Mandir Jejuri, Jijamata High School Jejuri, Punyashlok Ahilyadevi Vidya Mandir Jejuri, New English School Loni Bhapkar, And Vidya Mahamandal Prashala Kothale. The response was extremely positive and each of the schools will be followed up personally by the project organisers who will develop what the students have learnt into fully fledged science projects.

Science and geography teachers were present at the project including Atole Sir, Magdum Madam, Bhapkar Sir and Ghogre Sir. They will work in co-ordination with the workshop organisers to ensure that the workshop will have a sustained effect and eventually churn out publishable research and will motivate the students to pursue careers in science.


Presentations and field sessions were conducted by Dr Avinash Vanjare, Dr Yugandhar Shinde (Both Assistant professors in Ahmednagar College and Modern College, Pune) Dr. Sameer Padhye, and PhD Students Shruti Paripatyadar, Aboli Kulkarni, Sayli Sheth, Nikhil Modak and Research Student Siddharth Kulkarni, Siddarth Biniwale and Aniket Marathe.

Taare Jameen Par

Taare Jameen Par

The workshop was conceptualised and organised by Chandrakant Redican and Prinicipals Patrick Redican and Pradnya Redican of the primary and high school divisions of Vishwa Nirmala Vidya Mandir Jejuri, Reshma Pansare, Archana Madam and Priyam Redican.

At the felicitation ceremony Mr Avinash Bhalerao Head of the Jejuri Nagar Palika (Nagar Adhyaksha) and the Corporators Mrs. Sadhana Didbhai, Mrs. Barbhai, Mrs. Surekha Sonawne lauded and praised the efforts taken by Chandrakant Redican and the team of Research Students to come into rural area and teach children how to do basic research. They also promised their full support to future endeavours by the group for the betterment of Purandar Taluka.

The workshop concept arose out of the success of the science program of Vishwa Nirmala Vidya Mandir Jejuri which emphasizes creativity and spirituality in equal measure as well where five students of the school presented a poster of their own research at the “Student Conference on Conservation Science Bangalore” hosted by the Indian Institute of Science Bangalore. Their work was well received and recognised internationally and the students interacted with researchers of international repute. This was a huge achievement and probably rare in India where where students perform at such a level.

And of course.. the felicitation :)

And of course.. the felicitation 🙂

This concept has now been taken forward by the organisers and researchers who will work with teachers and students from villages to give a major boost to the science education as well as show that quality research can be conducted in rural areas as well.

The success of the project and the positive response from the teachers students and praise from the local administration and parents has given the impetus for similiar workshops that will be held every few months in the area which boost the standard of Science Education of Purandar, conserve local biodiversity and help spread awareness and promote sustainable development of the area. The organisers led by Chandrakant Redican are currently in the process of planning more initiatives and launching research projects in the area and are searching for resources and funding. Dr.Yugandhar Shinde Emphasized the need for funding to be made available for such work and the administration of the town along with the citizens have promised their full support though pointing out that there is still much help that can be given and called out to individuals, groups and organisations to support the work.


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