“Look at me! I am a Hijra!! I do not have anything swinging down there!!!”

A few years back, I was sitting in a park with my friends. A Eunuch, or a Hijra came asking for money. HE was brash and I was offended and even repulsed by him. I told him/her to get out of my sight and when he/she refused I threatened to call the cops on him/her for harassing us.

He launched into a tirade that was very sexual and aggressive, it contained many things that I was not used to hearing, his/her sexual experiences his/her wretched life but I was most afraid and overawed by the aggressiveness and the extreme sexuality that the Hijra displayed, like a mental angst, a cry not for help, but the sort of cry an animal gives out on pain and frustration. It was disturbing and scary.

That which is disturbing and scary is what we run away from the most. But over time, life taught me lessons and as I started taking poetry more and more seriously, I realised the reason I loved poetry was that I could use my poems to get people to see things. While writing about things, I too got a better picture of what life is.

Fear is a lot about confrontation, we can stop being afraid only if we confront and deal with our fear. Once we recognise the issue we can now deal with it. A lot of the transgender community suffers not from misunderstanding more then anything. If we as a people understand them their lives will be better. Our lives will be better too, because transgender people are products of the biological variation of our species that gives the human race so much potential and power and when we accept the transgender community, we will accept many things that are not normal yet essential in taking humanity forward.

I do not write in favour of any legislation, that is a matter for the community to decide, I do not write on what we should do or not do, society as a whole decides that. All I am advocating, is basic humanity and the right as an artist to present the picture as I see it. That aggressive attitude of the Hijra, literally talking to humanity itself, saying-

“Look at me!! I am a Hijra!! I do not have anything swinging down there!!”


About Chandrakant Redican

A researcher and teacher based in Pune, India,
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3 Responses to Omnisexual

  1. Sai Krishna says:

    Hats off friend. To speak thus requires courage and compassion, and you have shown us that you have both. Thank you for sharing this.

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