Q- What is an Antibiotic?

A- An antibiotic is something produced by fungi that kills bacteria. It was discovered by Alexander Fleming. He got a Nobel for it.

Q- Why have you added a “K”? Can’t you spell?

A- I can spell and I have added a K because “The AntibioTick” is not an antibiotic.

Q- Then what the f*** is the “Antibiotic-with-a-K”???..

A- just write “AntibioTick”. The AntibioTick is a Tick, no need to be vulgar about it.

Q- I am talking to a Tick! How did I not realize?

A- because you cant see me online you dork.

Q- Do you have a life?

A- Next question, and stay on the topic please.

Q- OK chill… So is this Tick real?

A- Of course he is.

Q- Yeah right. How do you know this tick is a HE?

A- Because I am the AntibioTick and I have near human intelligence (though I don’t think that’s  saying much)

Q- If you are a tick why is there a spider sketch where your photo is supposed to be?

A- I am camera shy and I could not find a free sketch of a tick that I liked.

Q- You are strict about plagiarism?

A- Absolutely, It is one of the few issues I am serious about.

Q- So why does a Tick have a blog?

A- Please call me the “AntibioTick.” I am a super-bug with near human intelligence. Those with near human intelligence tend to blog.

I additionally have this incredible urge to express myself through words. (Also a quality of those with near human intelligence, as well as those with vocabularies)

Q- Fine Mr AntibioTick. so why the weird name?

A- My creation and life (See bio) is completely contrary to biology. Yet I am biological and love the subject. So I am a living being, a tick and also “anti-biology” i.e. anti-bio.

I combined this to make my name, the AntibioTick.

Q- What’s with the capital in the middle of the name?

A- Because I think its cool.

Q- I don’t

A- Then go stuff yourself.

Q- What do you blog about? Biology?

A- Yes and no, while there will be a lot of biology in this blog it is more a blog by a biologist then a blog about biology. Life in a biology lab, the fun, the sorrow, how I look at the world around me and my general take on issues like Sachin Tendulkar retiring, Malala yousafzai, Obama’s re-election and enlightenment.

Q- Will this blog be any good?

A- I guarantee interesting topics, unique (or at least cleverly copied) ideas, sarcasm, appropriate irreverence, and constantly improving writing. Then again it is a matter of taste.

It will help if you paid a bit of attention in school and/or have some natural (near human) intelligence to appreciate the content.

Q- OK dude, your answers are getting too long and conventional. Can we cut it?

A- You are the one asking the questions, plus I need to put some information somewhere.

Q- Where is all this stuff you’re gonna write about?

A- On my blog, duh. stop reading this crap and go to my main page.

Q- Can I have your number?

A- Only if you are female, beautiful, intelligent and single (In that order of relevance). but you can e-mail me or like my Facebook page.

Q- OK buddy, great talking to you, see ya.

A- Goodbye, keep on reading.


3 Responses to FAQS

  1. 🙂 Nice, Can I have your number? 😛 😉 Just kidding, cool FAQs!

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