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“I have cats,” I say, with a smiling countenance “I have cats,” I say to explain sleeplessness. “I have cats!” I cry, hiding my arms “I have cats…” But nothing changes the alarm She recited passionately line after line in … Continue reading

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The truth is just too much fun

I was talking with friends today,exchanging gossip as usual. Sometimes though gossip can ruin the fairy tale images in ones mind. so she said- “Ignorance is bliss” I disagreed but I had no answer to that and no coherent argument … Continue reading

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Tick Diaries- Winding down at the tea stall.

It is the evening. They are at the tea stall at the foot of the temple, by the road where horns honk constant. I, the AntibioTick am having a cup of tea. The Red Vented Bulbul, the Sparrow and the … Continue reading

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